It starts with our expertise: led by two IP veterans and supported by a smart and driven team of directors and associates. It continues with our culture: a collaborative environment where ideas are continuously challenged until the solution is reached. Finally, it ends in our opinion: articulate conclusions formed on the basis of our deep understanding and the fundamental facts of each assignment.

284 Partners knows that the best work is done by efficient, dedicated teams. Each of our engagements is staffed by a single working group that takes responsibility from beginning to end. Communication and collaboration are at the core of 284 Partners’ process.

All of our engagements begin with a thorough review of proprietary and public information concerning the relevant industry, products, and intellectual property. In addition, we generally consult with our client, attorneys, and/or technical experts to ensure that we understand the factors potentially relevant to the engagement-at-hand.

Having gained an understanding of the fact pattern, the team comes together to identify strategies, methods, or analyses for a given engagement. Within the team, everyone’s opinion is sought and respected. We encourage our consultants to be creative and seek out new solutions on each engagement. As almost all engagements involve unique and complex technologies and fact patterns, no 284 Partners’ analysis is boiler-plate.

After the team agrees on a path forward, the appropriate work-product is developed. Most commonly, 284 Partners provides its clients with expert reports, quantitative analyses, and/or PowerPoint presentations. Each engagement concludes with a quality control process to ensure that the work-product meets our high standards.

At 284 Partners, we specialize in developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Mark Rollins